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We are a specialized social media advertising agency that will care as much about your success as you do!

Social media ads not producing results?

Don’t worry!

Social media ads are known as a double-edged sword, they can be very effective when set up correctly or in other cases a complete money waster!

Social media channels have become a major source of news and information in today’s internet-driven world. As social media usage continues to grow exponentially, knowing how to market on social media is becoming more crucial in reaching your target audiences.

Let’s get you in front of your customers!


We’ll help you plan, create and optimize effective social media advertising campaigns that will help you get more customers.

We’re committed to frequent, honest communication about your social media campaign.

With IQs Ditial’s easy-to-use, real-time, and tailor-made social media advertising reports, you will be able to track all the social media campaigns at any time.

Real-time ROI reporting included!

“I’ve been working with the IQs Digital team for several months. They have been working on setting up campaigns on Google Ads and Bing Ads (including keyword research, copywriting, and creatives management), as well as working on other aspects of growth marketing like UX/UI design for landing page optimization, GA4 + GTM setup optimization, and more.

Over this period of time, the team has been delivering results on top of being responsive, helpful, and professional both in their work ethic and their communication.

I’ve been primarily working with Alex who is a very positive person and a great communicator in addition to all his technical skills.

His technical skills also allow him to dig deeper into topics that are quite niche and his engineering mindset allows him to be very structured and methodical in his approach.

The final point that I appreciate is that the team takes feedback in earnest and adjusts + improves accordingly and acts quickly to mitigate any small issues that come up which is great.

For additional context, I’m currently the Head of Marketing at a 400+ employees European software development and technology consulting company.

Hisham Itani
Hisham Itani
Head of Marketing at ITMAGINATION

I have working with IQs Digital for the last few years, the team is technically very strong and knows how to bring client’s requirements to real. Very good at communication and on-time delivery.
Highly recommended!

Sunny Agarwal
Sunny Agarwal
Agile Product Owner at Kindred Group plc

How is IQs Digital going to help you with social media advertising in 3 easy steps?

We’ll help you to connect with the right audience at the right place and at the right time.

Sounds easy, right?

It’s a bit more complicated than that but that’s the gist of it.

Let’s dive deeper into our process.


Research and Identifying the Most Promising Social Media Channels

To create an effective social media campaign it’s essential to know who is your audience.

Not every social media is going to work great for every company.

That’s why we always start with defining the target audience.

Once you know your target audience it’s much easier to define what social media channels are going to be the most effective and create effective ads.

With our 7 years of experience in running social media advertising campaigns, we can confidently advocate for you on the most promising social media channels.


Copywriting, Ad Creatives Creation, and Setup

We have identified the most promising social media channel.

It’s time to create ads.

Our creative team is going to help you plan, write and design relevant ads that speak directly to your target audience.

How are we going to create relevant ads for you?

We always start with a problem and work toward the solution.

This approach helps us achieve outstanding results simply because it addresses the pain points of potential customers.


Tracking Results Through Real-Time Reporting and Campaigns Maintenance

We track everything!


We create tailor-made real-time reports connected to your social media advertising channels.

With the IQs Digital report, you get all the necessary data at your fingertips.

Want to know more?

Check the SaaS Google Search case study with an example of the tailor-made report.

Why are reports like these essential?

Data doesn’t lie. Reports help us have honest and transparent communication with our clients.


Here’s what successful
business owners
are saying about IQs Digital

“We have been working with IQs Digital for a few years and are always satisfied with deliveries and effort to solve problems. Highly recommend!

Doora Lee
Doora Lee
CEO at Avocado Communications GmbH

“I recently worked with IQs Digital on a web design & product catalog project, and I’m thrilled with the results! Their talent and professionalism made the entire experience outstanding. From the start, they impressed me with their excellent communication skills. Alex promptly responded to my emails and took the time to understand our requirements and preferences. Milica’s design skills are truly remarkable. She brought our ideas to life with a captivating and visually stunning catalog. More than the five-star they deserve.”

Siddiquee Saima
Siddiquee Saima
Communication Manager at Bionema LTD

What do our social media advertising services include?

  • Conduct extensive market research
  • Identify the appropriate social media marketing platforms
  • Analyze your audience’s behavior
  • Craft engaging content
  • Engage with your followers
  • Run targeted social media advertisements
  • Combine your marketing channels
  • Partner with industry influencers
  • Optimize your social media pages
  • Ensure brand consistency across platforms
  • Conduct A/B tests of your ad campaigns
  • Analyze campaign results
  • Optimize your social media campaigns based on analytics

Case Study

With our Google Ads approach, we help SaaS companies generate 20+ leads per week at a cost of 25$ per lead (report included)

We are serious when we say our approach generates outstanding results.

We track everything, and that’s why I can confidently say that our digital marketing approach brings in hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit for my clients.

Want some proof?

No problem — Our work generated over 470 qualified leads for an 8-figure SaaS company.

About Us

About IQs Digital

Looking for a professional social media advertising agency that you can rely on?

Let’s see why IQs Digital is the right for you!

Our team of social media advertising experts helped 65+ clients achieve their goals.

In collaboration with IQs Digital, you can expect honest and frequent communication about your campaign’s performance.

WhatsApp. Skype. Slack. We are always available for a chat.


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Case Study

Check out how we created complete
digital marketing strategy
for a B2B SaaS
that produced wonderful results

Our client was struggling in many fields, like lead generation, long sales cycles, and high CPA.

We stepped in.

Once we integrated our strategy, it didn’t take a while to see the results.

We were able to generate more than 470 qualified leads for less than 50$ per lead.

Sales cycle time was reduced by 31%.

By the end of the year, revenue increased 24%.