I Will Help You Maximize Your ROI from
Pay Per Click Marketing

Are you looking for somebody who will plan, develop, implement, test, and optimize
Pay Per Click Marketing campaigns that drive increased ROI?
If yes, then you are at the right place!

If you are looking for a person who will:

  • Plan and execute a wide range of campaigns throughout the digital marketing funnel, including Google, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, TikTok, and Pinterest pay per click campaigns.
  • Develop, implement, test, and optimize pay per click campaigns that drive increased ROI
  • Develop cost per acquisition targets based on customer lifetime value models
  • Manage pay per click strategy in collaboration with the digital team
  • Develop and implement a pay per click plan including KPIs with recommended goals
  • Analyze plan performance, identify trends, and implement improvements while quickly reacting to plan deviations
  • Identify opportunities, threats, and challenges within category and among competition then act accordingly

Why work with me

In my 7 years of experience in the web industry,
I have helped 20+ businesses grow

Google Ads Case Study

See how our approach is providing SaaS business with 20+ leads per week at a cost of 25$ per lead

We are serious when we say our approach generates outstanding results.

We track everything, and that’s why we can confidently say that our digital marketing approach brings in hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit for our clients.

Want some proof?

No problem — Our work generated over 470 qualified leads for an 8-figure SaaS company.

About Me

Who is Aleksandar Gubečka?

Do you need help with Pay Per Click Marketing?
Look no further, you are in the right spot!

I’m Alex, a pay per click marketing expert with over 7 years of experience. It’ll help your company increase ROI from the pay per click marketing campaigns.

My process is fairly simple, I’ll take over the pay per click marketing campaigns, and every Monday you will receive the performance report in your inbox. All you need to do is relax and look at the growing ROI.

Get started today by submitting the form below and we’ll jump on a free consulting session where I’m going to show you a tailor-made plan that will help you grow your company!

My previous projects

More Case Studies

Case Study

Check out how we created complete
digital marketing strategy
for a B2B SaaS
that produced wonderful results

Our client was struggling in many fields, like lead generation, long sales cycles, and high CPA.

We stepped in.

Once we integrated our strategy, it didn’t take a while to see the results.

We were able to generate more than 470 qualified leads for less than 50$ per lead.

Sales cycle time was reduced by 31%.

By the end of the year, revenue increased 24%.