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We are an SEO agency that will care as much about your success as you do!

We’re committed to frequent, honest communication about your SEO campaign.

With IQs Ditial’s easy-to-use real-time SEO report, you will be able to track SEO performance at any time.

Do you find all the SEO terms confusing?

Don’t worry! We take pride in our educative approach.

We will have multiple workshop sessions where we’ll walk you through the SEO world.

We don’t measure success solely by keyword rankings and organic traffic metrics. Those metrics are important indicators of a successful SEO campaign, but the thing that matters most at the end of the day is customer ROI.

“I’ve been working with the IQs Digital team for several months. They have been working on setting up campaigns on Google Ads and Bing Ads (including keyword research, copywriting, and creatives management), as well as working on other aspects of growth marketing like UX/UI design for landing page optimization, GA4 + GTM setup optimization, and more.

Over this period of time, the team has been delivering results on top of being responsive, helpful, and professional both in their work ethic and their communication.

I’ve been primarily working with Alex who is a very positive person and a great communicator in addition to all his technical skills.

His technical skills also allow him to dig deeper into topics that are quite niche and his engineering mindset allows him to be very structured and methodical in his approach.

The final point that I appreciate is that the team takes feedback in earnest and adjusts + improves accordingly and acts quickly to mitigate any small issues that come up which is great.

For additional context, I’m currently the Head of Marketing at a 400+ employees European software development and technology consulting company.

Hisham Itani
Hisham Itani
Head of Marketing at ITMAGINATION

SEO problems we solve

Your website can’t be found online.

Your website is not generating any leads or sales.

Is your website just sitting there without a real strategy for attracting new customers?

You are new in the market and you want to gain new customers.

If you are facing any of these problems, reach out to us. We will help you solve any of these issues.

The end result we can promise you is an easy-to-find website on Google.

I have working with IQs Digital for the last few years, the team is technically very strong and knows how to bring client’s requirements to real. Very good at communication and on-time delivery.
Highly recommended!

Sunny Agarwal
Sunny Agarwal
Agile Product Owner at Kindred Group plc

How is IQs Digital going to get you to the first page of Google in 3 easy steps?

All we are going to do is identify and match the search intent of your potential customers with your website.

Sounds easy?

It’s a bit more complicated than that but that’s the gist of it.

Let’s dive deeper into our process.


Identify – Keyword research

This is the first and the most important step in your SEO strategy. We are going to research and identify relevant keywords that have high search volume and low competition.

Once we have a list of potential keywords we are going to filter them down.


We are going to carefully examine user search intention.

See an example below:


The user searches for a specific website.

Example: BMW website


The user searches for information on a topic.

Example: What’s a good car?


The user researches options for a product or service.

Example: BMW vs AUDI


The user searches for a specific product or brand.

Example: Buy BMW M3


Match the User’s Search Intent &
Content Creation

Once we are done with keyword research we know what are your potential customers looking for.

Let’s funnel your potential customers through the search engine results page(SERP) to your website and turn them into paying customers.

How are we going to direct the audience from SERPs to your website?

Firstly, we need to create content on your website that correlates with what is user’s search intent.

Nothing beats great content! Users love it. Google loves it.

How is IQs Digital going to help me create great content?

Our team of professional SEO experts, copywriters, designers, video editors, and social media managers will lead you through the whole process of planning, writing, producing media, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, internal linking, etc.


Publishing, Backlinks, and ongoing optimization

What comes next is directing users toward your great content.

It will take some time for Google to list your new content on the search engine results page (SERP).

To speed up the process, we need to give google signals that your content is great and attracts an initial audience using social media distribution and backlinks.

SEO is an ongoing process.

Once you hit the first page of google we need to monitor the website’s SEO performance and continuously improve content.


Here’s what successful
business owners
are saying about IQs Digital

“We have been working with IQs Digital for a few years and are always satisfied with deliveries and effort to solve problems. Highly recommend!

Doora Lee
Doora Lee
CEO at Avocado Communications GmbH

“I recently worked with IQs Digital on a web design & product catalog project, and I’m thrilled with the results! Their talent and professionalism made the entire experience outstanding. From the start, they impressed me with their excellent communication skills. Alex promptly responded to my emails and took the time to understand our requirements and preferences. Milica’s design skills are truly remarkable. She brought our ideas to life with a captivating and visually stunning catalog. More than the five-star they deserve.”

Siddiquee Saima
Siddiquee Saima
Communication Manager at Bionema LTD

Why should you invest in SEO?

SEO is considered a long-term marketing strategy because it takes time to start getting results from SEO efforts.

PPC advertisements will generate results much faster but unlike PPC advertisements, where you need to pay for your ad to be shown and generate conversions, SEO is free. Once your website is listed it will stay on the first page of google for a long period even without further investment in SEO activities.
Check out the graph below:

About Us

About IQs Digital

Looking for a professional SEO agency that you can rely on? Let’s see why IQs Digital is the right agency for you!

We are a team of SEO experts. We will provide you with an SEO strategy and data-driven action plan and we will execute the plan!

Our happiness is our client’s growth.

WhatsApp. Skype. Slack. We are always available for a chat.

Every Monday morning you get a campaign performance report.


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Case Study

Check out how we created complete
digital marketing strategy
for a B2B SaaS
that produced wonderful results

Our client was struggling in many fields, like lead generation, long sales cycles, and high CPA.

We stepped in.

Once we integrated our strategy, it didn’t take a while to see the results.

We were able to generate more than 470 qualified leads for less than 50$ per lead.

Sales cycle time was reduced by 31%.

By the end of the year, revenue increased 24%.