SaaS digital marketing
case study


Our client was struggling to generate new leads and the company growth was relying solely on its existing networks and partners to get new leads. The client’s digital reputation was practically nonexisting, social networks were without any posts, no backlinks to the website, the Google business profile was not enabled, and the website itself had many issues.


We were hired to plan the digital marketing strategy and execute it. We had three main goals when it comes to marketing activities:

  1. Formulate a holistic digital marketing strategy for an effective B2B lead generation
  2. Plan and execute actions to make the client’s brand trustable online
  3. Reduce sales cycle by implementing retargeting and drip email marketing campaigns


Working closely with the client’s sales team, we defined the target audience. We came to an excel spreadsheet describing key demographics, key psychographics, faqs, most common objections, challenges, and preferred contact channels.

Brand awareness

One of the key elements of the digital marketing strategy was planning, executing, and improving brand awareness campaigns. We carefully crafted search engine campaigns and social media advertising according to the previously defined target audience.

Conversion rate optimization

As soon as we got all the brand awareness campaigns up and running. Our main goal was to discover how can we improve conversion rates on the website. This required extensive analytical thinking and extracting the right information from the website metrics. With the right information in hand, we were able to come up with improvements along the whole customer journey.

Lead Nurturing

The client was facing a longer sales cycle which is quite common for B2B based companies so lead nurturing played a key role.

The main goal of the lead nurturing strategy was establishing brand trust among generated leads. To help our client fight the long sales cycle, we have used social media retargeting and drip email campaigns.

By providing helpful content through retargeting and drip campaigns we were able to position our client as an industry leader. The end result was a reduced sales cycle and easier closing by the sales team.





Cost per conversion


New leads
per month


Sales cycle
time reduced


Revenue increased