Google Search Ads
case study

IQs Digital was hired by a maritime SaaS company. The founder of the company was struggling to get qualified leads. After just a few months we were able to generate qualified leads for less than 12 €/per lead.

Identifying appropriate channels

Firstly we helped a client identify the most promising marketing channels and create a plan for utilizing these channels. One of the channels on the list was search engine marketing, more precisely Google Search ads.

Preparation for the paid search ads campaign

The most important step in creating an effective search ads campaign is identifying the right keywords.

Keyword research for paid search campaign

We just need to ask ourselves the following:
What is the main goal a user has when typing a query into a search engine?

Sounds easy, right? It’s a bit more complicated than that but that’s the gist of it.

TIP: Always ask yourself this question as you go through the keywords. With this mindset, you will be able to distinguish easily if the keyword is right or not.

If you would like to find out more about search intent, check out this article by Brian Dean – Founder of Backlinko and one of the best SEO entrepreneurs:

Creating a Google search ad campaign

With the most promising keywords in mind, we have created a Google search ads group for each keyword, this approach is called SKAGs – Single Keyword Ad Groups and it helped us achieve great quality scores and CTR. Simply because each search term had an ad that was corresponding to the searcher’s intent.

Conversion rate optimization

Finally, we have helped our client improve the conversion rate by creating dedicated landing pages for each keyword with appropriate content that responds to the users’ search intent.

Matching search terms with content on the landing pages skyrocketed conversions because we were able to address visitors’ objections based on their search terms.

Find below the Google Data Studio KPI report for the Google Search camping:

Click on the pulsing plus in the circle to read the explanation

Google Ads performance breakdown graph in DataStudio

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