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Email marketing has seen quite a lot of use from businesses. There are several reasons for this – starting out at the most basic level: Everybody has an email (well, almost everybody). People check their email all the time, every day. As such, it’s an easy way to get in touch with customers as required without having to worry about them missing it and acting on an ad-hoc basis.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a powerful marketing channel that every business needs to embrace to stay ahead of the competition. But as more and more emails land in your customers’ inboxes each day, competing for attention is harder than ever. That’s why you need to follow certain best practices for managing email databases to maximize the value of your email marketing.

Advantages of email marketing

Email marketing can help you build and maintain a relationship with your audience. You don’t have to pay or commission others to keep in touch with your audience, and it’s a very effective way to drive traffic back to your site. Emailing your readers can drive traffic to your blog, social media sites, or wherever else you’d like folks to visit. In fact, if you segment your email campaigns and target readers by demographic, you can ensure that you’re only sending people the messages they want to see most.

Email A/B testing

The reason that A/B testing is so crucial to email marketing success is that it allows you to determine the best performing subject lines, calls-to-action and content. For example, if your highest click-through rate from an email comes from a subject line containing your company’s name, you know to use that in most of your future campaigns. Once you know which copy resonates the most with your target audience you can use it in other marketing materials like ads, landing pages, social media posts, etc.


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