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The Digital Marketing Funnel is a simple model that helps companies make more informed decisions in marketing, thanks to the differentiation between Stages and Steps. Not only these two terms are very useful for better understanding every aspect related to customer acquisition, but they also make it possible to measure the effectiveness of Marketing Campaigns by analyzing the time lapse between the customer’s knowledge of the Brand and its purchase.

What is the digital marketing funnel?

The funnel is the most important digital marketing aspect in the industry today. Businesses do all of their promotion, brand awareness, and customer acquisition in one way or another through it. The funnel allows for businesses who are at different levels to focus on what they need to do to improve themselves with regards to succeeding in certain areas and implementing certain tactics.

3 Stages of the Digital Marketing Funnel 

ToFu – Top of the Funnel

The (ToFu) – Top of the Funnel is the stage where you need to build trust and credibility to keep your prospects in the funnel. You have to reveal something interesting about your business in this stage so that you can accumulate as many leads as possible down the funnel.

ToFu problem statement

“I want more people to be aware of my business”
“I want to reach new potential customers”
“I want to tell my brand story”

The main objective of ToFu is to tell your brand story, reach potential new customers, and help build trust and confidence in your brand. Focusing on ToFu helps you maximize the size of the audience you want to reach.

  • Digital Advertisement
  • Blogs
  • Social media updates
  • Infographics
  • Photographics
  • E-books
  • Webpages
  • Podcasts
  • Guest posts
  • Newsletter

MoFu – Middle of the Funnel

The Middle of the Funnel (MOFU) stage is said to be one of the most cost-effective and highest-yielding digital marketing activities. The goal of MOFU is to maximize your revenue per customer by ensuring that each visitor converts into a paying customer.

MoFu problem statement

“I want more users to include my product/brand in their consideration set when they are browsing similar brands”

Reach users who are in a shopping mindset by creating ads that are relevant and engaging. MoFu campaigns focus on engaging prospective customers.

Goals of the MoFu Activities:

  • Build and impose purchase intent
  • Inspire an emotional connection with your audience segments to establish brand loyalty and create brand advocates.
  • Nurture leads acquired from ToFu activities

MoFu Tools

  • Email drip campaigns
  • In-depth blogs
  • Relevant news
  • Checklist
  • Ebooks
  • Slideshow
  • Guide
  • Templates
  • In-depth video
  • Newsletter
  • Microblog

BoFu – Bottom of the Funnel

At the bottom of the sales funnel, you should give the customer exactly what they need to make a purchase decision. This could mean giving them a full demo of your product, such as pricing lists, or even letting them try it out for free. It all depends on your brand and how you want to approach the buying process.

BoFu problem statement

“I want to drive sales for my products or services”
“I want to engage high-intent shoppers
from consideration to purchase”

The main goal of BoFu is to engage with high-intent shoppers who may move from the consideration phase into making a purchase.

BoFu Tools

  • Case studies
  • Reviews
  • Testimonials
  • Product demonstration
  • Product features
  • Product comparisons
  • Webinars
  • Giveaway
  • Coupon
  • Social proof

After purchase – End of the Digital Marketing Funnel

Interacting with your consumers and clients after they make a purchase is the core of after-purchase marketing. Even if you just sell a single item or service, your brand familiarity and company visibility can both benefit from post-purchase marketing initiatives. After a consumer makes a purchase, you shouldn’t stop thinking about them since they could become a brand evangelist who can help you expand and scale your company.

After purchase - Digital marketing funnel

After purchase problem statement

“I want my existing customers to remain loyal to my product or brand”

Focusing your marketing efforts on the “after purchase” stage of the digital marketing funnel helps you drive repeat sales from customers who previously purchased your products or services.

Case Study

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