Case Studies

Google Ads Case Study

See how our approach is providing SaaS business with 20+ leads per week at a cost of 25$ per lead

We are serious when we say our approach generates outstanding results.

We track everything, and that’s why we can confidently say that our digital marketing approach brings in hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit for our clients.

Want some proof?

No problem — Our work generated over 470 qualified leads for an 8-figure SaaS company.

Case Study

Check out how we created complete
digital marketing strategy
for a B2B SaaS
that produced wonderful results

Our client was struggling in many fields, like lead generation, long sales cycles, and high CPA.

We stepped in.

Once we integrated our strategy, it didn’t take a while to see the results.

We were able to generate more than 470 qualified leads for less than 50$ per lead.

Sales cycle time was reduced by 31%.

By the end of the year, revenue increased 24%.